2017 Christmas Gift Guide – The Tech Head

Tis’ the season to buy presents for the special tech head in your life. Our 2017 Christmas Gift Guide will get you off on the right foot. Indeed, there was no shortage of top-shelf technology from all of your favourite brands in 2017. Naturally, you’ll still have to use some personal insight as to determine what kind of tech head it is you’re buying for. For instance, is he a gamer? A photographer? A music freak? Is it software that gets him up in the morning, or is he all about the hard stuff? Or perhaps, like so many tech heads out there, he’s into a little bit of everything. Whatever floats his boat, odds are you’ll find it below. Presenting our 2017 Christmas Gift Guide for Tech Heads.

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sennheiser ambeo smart headset binaural recording headphones

Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset Binaural Recording Headphones

Tech heads are all about getting the latest and greatest innovations as soon as those innovations drop. For that reason alone, you should put a Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset under the Christmas tree. Ideal for vloggers and videographers, the AMBEO Smart Headset is the world’s first intuitive, compact and mobile 3D sound recording headset. The innovate gadget hosts built-in omnidirectional microphones, thereby allowing you to capture your world in 3D sound. .

To help further achieve such remarkable audio, Sennheiser employed proprietary PureDigital technology for the AMBEO Smart Headset. Also featured is Situational Awareness, with allows users to either mute or heighten surrounding sounds when necessary. That’s joined by seamless design, intuitive controls, and integration with Apple iOS devices. The headset also touts the ability to deliver 3D sound to any pair of stereo headphones, meaning listeners from afar can now feel like they’re right there with the vlogger or content producer. When only the most comprehensive and immersive environmental sound will suffice, accept no substitutes.


iphone x front and rear view

iPhone X

There’s no better way to please the tech head in your life then by getting them a first class device from the world’s foremost brand. More to the point, make his jaw drop this Christmas by buying him an iPhone X. It’s big, sleek, optimal and beautiful. Between the best-in-class camera, the stunning all-screen design, and the new Face ID security, there’s simply nothing not to love. However, a quick word of advice: should you be generous enough to buy the iPhone X as a gift for someone, be sure to wrap it and put it aside immediately so as not to be tempted to keep it for yourself.

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logitech craft keyboard

Logitech Craft Keyboard

Underrated as a vital component to any quality setup, an optimised keyboard can make a world of difference for the average techie. Show the tech head in your life that you’re both squarely in the know and always thinking outside the box by getting them a Logitech Craft Keyboard. The Logitech is all kinds of savvy, in part thanks to a creative input dial with touch sensitive control. By swiftly and intuitively adapting to a range of apps and programs, the dial allows you to do things like adjust brightness, enlarge text, create charts and so much more.

Also included on the Logitech Craft Keyboard is improved, thoroughly quiet key stability and design. Specifically, spherical key dishing ensures that every keystroke lands exactly as intended. That’s paired with optimised backlighting, which automatically adjusts the brightness in the face of various environmental conditions. Put simply, keyboards don’t get much better than this.

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samsung galaxy s8 plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Bolstered by a state of the art Infinity Display that bleeds over the bezel, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is a thing of pure technological beauty. Of course, that sleek display is merely one among a seemingly endless number of reasons to buy the impressive device for a friend or loved one. There’s also the legendary camera, which stays sharp in all lighting conditions and utilises features like Smart Auto Focus and enhanced multi-frame image processing. Big, fast, resilient, powerful and simply gorgeous to look at, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has it all.

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samsung galaxy note8

Samsung Galaxy Note8

Nothing quite puts the experience of compact computing in your pocket like the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Equipped with dual camera setup and a trusty S-Pen, the smartphone makes for a powerful mobile companion of exceptional fortitude and versatility. Is it relatively similar (i.e. almost identical) to the Samsung S8 or S8 Plus? Sure, but a tech head will most definitely appreciate you going the extra mile, and dropping the extra cash.

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apple homepod

Apple HomePod

At long last, Apple has unveiled a smart speaker to play music and respond to voice commands. Dubbed Apple HomePod, the nifty gadget duly sustains the brand’s knack for clean, simple design, and lets Siri do the talking and listening. Assuming your tech head friend or loved one doesn’t already have a house filled with Amazon Echos, the Apple HomePod is guaranteed to please.

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netgear orbi whole home mesh wifi system

NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

One thing a tech head can always use? A better WiFi connection, of course. Up to the task is the NETGEAR Orbi, a quick, whole-home WiFi system that offers a range of up to 5000 square feet. Further distinguishing the unit is innovative tri-band technology, which keeps the speed high even when you add new devices. Easy to set up and compatible with Amazon Echo, the acclaimed Orbi is swift, secure and easy on the eyes while we’re at it.

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amazon echo spot

Amazon Echo Spot

Designed to fit anywhere in the home, Amazon Echo Spot adds majestic visuals to its already impressive bevy of functions. Whether you want to create a shopping list, listen to music or an audio-book, view weather forecasts, turn on the lights, order a pizza, turn on the TV or make video calls, Alexa is all over it and then some. Buy one for the tech head in your life, and one for yourself.

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mophie powerstation usb c xxl

Mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL

One other thing a tech head can use more of? Back up power. Enter the Mophie Powerstation, a USB-enabled 19,500mAh battery that can rapidly boost your MacBook, iPhone and iPad alike. Thanks to Charge Vault technology, the Mophie’s batteries retain their charge for long durations of time, meaning the power will always be there when you (or your favourite tech head) need it.

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audioengine a2+ powered speakers

Audioengine A2+ Powered Speakers

Touting hand-finished wood cabinets, dynamic connectivity (including USB) and crisp sound, the Audioengine A2+ Powered Speakers couple high fidelity with low maintenance to stunning effect. That is, the powerful computer speakers are effortless to set up and truly built to perform. The legion of five star reviews pretty much says it all.

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razer phone in hand

Razer Phone

Odds are if your friend or loved one is a tech head then he’s also a gamer, and if he’s a gamer then he’s a huge fan of the brand Razer. Show him you’re paying close attention by getting him a Razer Phone. It hosts Dolby Atmos audio, a 4000mAh battery and the world’s first 120Hz Ultra Motion Display. The result is pristine sound and super smooth graphics that won’t cut out right when you’re about to kill an end boss or win the Grand Prix.

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microsoft surface book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Through thick and thin, Microsoft holds a special place in the heart of tech heads worldwide. Accordingly, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 sounds like something out of a tech head’s wildest fantasies. It puts the power of a desktop inside a laptop that doubles as a tablet. Then it throws in a surface pen, a mixed reality platform, and a slew of games among other things. Needless to say, this device was made for tech heads, by tech heads.

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iphone 8 plus front and rear view

iPhone 8 Plus

Flaunting a beautiful glass design, wireless charging, augmented reality capability and impeccable camera technology, the Apple iPhone 8 Plus is all kinds of gorgeous. Naturally, it’s just as pretty (and powerful) on the inside as it is on the outside, making the gadget a surefire pleaser this holiday season.

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asus rog gt ac5300 router

Asus ROG GT-AC5300 Router

The Asus ROG GT-AC5300 looks like something out of a video game, and that’s probably no mistake. The super fast and powerful router was designed with gamers in mind, and even includes a Game IPS for multi-stage protection from external attacks. That’s joined by an ROG Game Dashboard for instant access to network features.

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google pixel 2

Google Pixel 2

No tech head Christmas Gift Guide is complete without at least a few products from Google, and the omnipresent brand definitely delivered the goods in 2017. Among their slew of appetising gadgets is the Pixel 2 Smartphone. Available in two sizes and four colours, it features nifty squeeze activation, high definition speakers, a brilliant display and the top rated smartphone camera in the world.

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google home

Google Home

The tech head in your life might be smart, but he’s not smarter than Google. Help him put even more intelligence under one roof with Google Home, a voice-activated speaker equipped with Google Assistant. Compatible with both Android and iOS systems, the device can respond to voice commands, control Chromecast and Nest, and perform expected functions like playing music and managing grocery lists.

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google home mini speaker

Google Home Mini Speaker

If you think your tech head friend or loved one might find Google Home to be a little too imposing, by all means get him the Google Home Mini Speaker instead. You can ask it questions or give it commands alike. The device is also able to distinguish the owner’s voice from other voices in the room, making it a domestic digital pet of impeccable precision.

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huawei mate 10

Huawei Mate 10

Equipped with the world’s first Kirin AI processor and HDR 10 technology, the Huawei Mate 10 delivers quick speed, bold power and immaculate resolution on a massive FullView Display. That’s joined by a water resistant body made of advanced materials, and a stunning design. Slip this baby in a stocking and make your favourite tech head’s holiday one to remember.

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lenovo yoga 920 notepad

Lenovo Yoga 920

Lenovo’s latest is also their greatest. We’re speaking, of course, of the Lenovo Yoga 920 convertible, which offers long-range voice activated support, a truly sleek and almost edgeless 4K display, a supremely accurate digital pen, and plenty of other drool-worthy features. It all comes in a smooth, streamlined body. Why settle for one when you can have two-in-one?

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oneplus 5t application

OnePlus 5T

Calling all savvy shoppers. The OnePlus 5T is a brilliant smartphone that won’t cost you a month’s worth of rent money to buy. The Android-based device features an AMOLED touchscreen, a dual 16MP sensor camera, fingerprint security, and so much more. Under the skin is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB or RAM. Put it all together and you have one terrific smartphone at one terrific price.

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ubtech alpha 1pro humanoid robot

UBTECH ALPHA 1PRO Humanoid Robot

This futuristic gadget does it all. Standing at a handsome 16 inches, it can easily be programmed to make custom manoeuvres, offering hours of wholesome fun for the whole family. With triple threat capabilities – the ALPHA 1PRO can sing, dance and act – it also has the additional feature of being able to DESTROY ALL HUMANS.

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jbl link 10 portable speaker

JBL Link 10 Portable Speaker

Sure, you could get the Google Home voice assistant and make do, or you can up the ante in virtually every department by grabbing a JBL Link 10. Compatible with Google Home, the voice activated speaker delivers effortless portability, a waterproof body, and 24 bit/96kHz of JBL signature sound.


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