4 Cool Features on the Flagship HTC U11 Phone

At one time, HTC was the gold standard for Android phones. Samsung and Apple now dominate smartphone sales rendering HTC phones nearly obscure. Now, HTC is back with a phone poised to take on the two giants with an arsenal of exciting features.

htc u11 smartphone edge sense features

Edge Sense

For starters the HTC U11 lets you perform certain tasks just by squeezing the sides of the phone. The feature, called Edge Sense, registers whenever you press the edges of the phone thanks to special pressure-sensitive sides. So, once you squeeze, Edge Sense will open the app that you have programmed in. You can program the phone to open your camera whenever you squeeze the sides and take a picture when you squeeze again. Edge Sense works with any app. You can use it to text on the go, open Facebook or turn on the flashlight app.

Two Virtual Assistants

Another highlight is the fact that this phone has two virtual assistants—Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This is the first phone to release with always-on Alexa support.

Smart Design

The HTC U11 features a Liquid Glass curved surface that was created using Optical Spectrum Hybrid Distribution. This design results in stunning vivid colours. The dark sapphire blue is quite striking. The surface is highly-refractive, which makes it appear to shimmer with movement.

Underwater Photos

The HTC U11 is the first phone that you can use to take underwater photos without a bulky, expensive waterproof case. The U11s water resistance coupled with its Edge Sense technology means that you can take pictures underwater by simply squeezing the edges of the phone.

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htc u11 smartphone all  overview

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