5 Must Have Upgrades For Your Smartphones And Tablets

This is a guest post from Dulccio.

This is a great for gadget and technology fans around the world, as technology is everywhere and it is advancing more and more everyday! Smartphone, tablets, smart watches – these little gadgets are a part of our every day life for more than a decade.

Smartphones are arguably one of the most common devices used by millions and millions around the world. Whether it is ordering a pizza online or applying for a new job, these mobile gears make our lives easier. There’s a high possibility you are reading this on your smartphone right now!

In last few years, all this development and the amount of usage has brought us to the point when even your gadget needs its own gadget!

To enhance the functionality and life of your high-tech devices, there are many creative and important add-ons available in the market. Today we have suitcases that can charge your phone and credit-card flash for DSLR-quality lighting.

Let’s take a look at some of the fabulous add-ons for your tech gadgets!

iphone camera lens front back and side view

1. iPhone Camera Lens Kit

This cool, old-fashioned iPhone camera lens kit will add more excitement and fun to your photographs. This has four lenses: macro, wide angle, fisheye, and telephoto lens. You can easily put this lens on and off on your iPhone, and rotate the lenses to get the best shot you want! You can click high-quality images with different settings and re-ignite your passion for photography and click memorable images with this iPhone accessory.

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flux charger front and back with cable

2. Flux Portable Charger

Taking the perfect picture from your phone or watching a movie on your tablet, and the battery suddenly dies; we all have been there! Tablets, like this one from Dulccio, and smartphones could use portable charger and Flux is credited to be one of the slimmest and most powerful chargers on the market. It is just 7.8 mm thick and can charge your tablet or any phone with its USB port. The tiny lights on the top show the remaining charge and its lightweight design makes it easy to carry. Whether you’re going on a trek for days, or simply traveling the world, now you can stay connected to the outside world by charging your phone with this impeccably mighty charger.

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fling mini joystick in the hand

3. Fling Mini Joystick

Do you miss your console while playing on your smartphone or tablet? Now you can get the feel of an analog joystick while scoring the highest in your favorite game with this stick. The fling is easy to attach and disappears when the screen illuminates and increases your precision and maneuvering. The auto-centering and force feedback design is Fling’s patent. It makes every action more accurate and is a must-have gadget accessory for game lovers.

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wireless bluetooth mini jambox black

4. Wireless Bluetooth Mini Jambox

Finally, a wireless Bluetooth speaker with powerful battery and high-quality sound is available for every music lover. Jambox is loaded with technologies like LiveAudio playback, one-touch access, and two times powerful speakers. It gives our crisp and three-dimensional sound that will transport you to some incredible places. You can easily add them to your purse or backpack, and enjoy the magic of highest sound quality flow, wherever you go!

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bamboo stylus duo 3 touchscreen pen

5. Bamboo Stylus Duo 3 Touchscreen Pen

Want to look professional while giving your presentation, or are you fed up of using your fingers for typing and doing all the work on your tablet? This amazing touchscreen pen will make you look super-professional. It will double up as a pen and is compatible with any tablet. Simply sketch, write, or present your finest work with this stunning touchscreen pen.

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Gadgets are meant to be fun and helpful, and when you give them accessories, it can take your user experience to the next level. Whether you want to protect your phone underwater, take DSLR-quality photos with your smartphone, or turn your tablet into a canvas, these add-ons for your gadgets are a must-have for every techie.

Felix Dell is a young and aspiring writer, social media addict and gadget fan, currently a part of the content team at Dulccio. Felix is a massive fan of The Walking Dead and Marvel Comics.