Affordable Virtual Reality – Vive Ready HP Computer Bundle

Technology is booming every year, and the newest craze is virtual reality. Everyone loves it, but the one aspect that everyone doesn’t love is the price point. Well, the big tech players, HP and HTC have addressed this issue to a certain degree by offering a new PC bundle that is reasonably affordable for what it offers. It’s priced just under $2000 at $1980. Now if you think that’s steep, just be relative about it all. You’ll be getting a VR-ready-PC, with the complete HTC Vive system.

hp computer bundle reality box

The PC is in a brushed metal finish for a sophisticated look, that packs a 1TB hard disk for storage. It’s definitely for the ultimate gamers out there though, any gamer reading this will be licking their lips and would be viewing their savings accounts to see if they can shed the dollars to buy the ultimate gaming experience at present.

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