The AJA Cion Is One of the Best Affordable Production Cameras

Though hardware manufacturer AJA is best known for their disk recorders, they also produce one of the most affordable, yet feature-rich production cameras available on the market for professionals. The AJA Cion is a versatile camera for professionals and works equally well in the studio and the field. Several years ago, AJA substantially cut the price of this camera to less than AU$6,000, making 4K production easily accessible to a range of sectors. This high-quality 4K cinema camera offers a lot of features at a great price point in comparison to its competitors. It produces high-quality images, accurate skin tones and clean, crisp images.

aja cion versatile camera front and side view

The AJA Cion has an magnesium alloy body and features a integrated suede shoulder mount. The lightweight design and shoulder mount make this camera suitable for practically any environment.

The AJA Cion production camera records right onto internal media cards in the edit-ready 12-bit Apple ProRes format. Alternatively, this camera can output RAW footage at 4K for up to 120 frames per second. The electronic global shutter on this camera helps keep the footage as crisp as possible by eliminating roller shutter issues during quick movements. The 4K APS-C CMOS sensor offers 12 stops of dynamic range. Extensive Gamma modes are available on this camera. These modes provide the flexibility for you to capture the scene exactly as you want. A convenient ethernet port provides the user network access to the camera. Images can be remotely viewed in real time, as well.

aja cion camera angled view

The AJA Cion features help make it a strong contender for professional use. The features on this production camera help to provide an easy route to post-production.

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