All-in-One Smart Wallet Gives Notice to Traditional Wallets

“The OraSaifu all-in-one smart wallet allows you to store all your cards as well as crypto currency in one place. The smart wallet is just a bit bigger than a credit card, but this smart wallet lets you store an unlimited number of cards. You simply load the card onto the OraSaifu, then pull it up using the four inch bezeless touchscreen whenever you need that particular card. You can even use it for NFC payments.

all in one smart wallet feature

If you’re transitioning to cryptocurrency, you can use the OraSaifu as a cold wallet. Using offline storage and a two-step authentication process, you can use OraSaifu for any of your cryptocurrency transactions.

And it’s not just credit cards and cryptocurrency. OraSaifu can be used for debit cards, gift cards, boarding passes, work badges, or membership cards. You can even load a business card and then share that card with other OraSaifu users.

OraSaifu is also secure. Because you’re not using a USB port, the wallet is completely isolated from the Internet, making it impossible to hack. OraSaifu also has TEE+SE enabled storage that encrypts the chipboard to guard transaction and data transport and further isolates the operating system, protecting it from malware and hacking. Should OraSaifu be stolen, it has an auto-erase feature that will clear all data after five failed password attempts. And when you recover that wallet, you can use the backup and recovery solution to restore all that information.

all in one smart wallet on the hand

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