Amazon Echo Now Shows You Stuff – Introducing the Echo Show

The Amazon Echo can do quite a bit. It can keep your to-do list, control your lights, call an Uber, and play your favourite tunes. The one thing that it is missing is touchscreen functionality. Amazon has a solution for this problem—The Amazon Echo Show.

amazon echo shows women smile

The Echo Show was just released on Amazon for presale. Units are expected to start shipping at the end of June. The Show features a 7-inch touchscreen coupled with a front-facing camera, which means that you can use it to make video and voice calls to anyone who has the Alexa or Echo app on their device.

amazon echo shows men talking

Aside from the touchscreen, the Echo Show has the same capabilities as the original Echo. So, you can listen to Spotify, hear the latest weather and control your smart devices. The screen just enhances the Echo’s essential functions. So, if you want a recipe, it can show the steps to you instead of just reciting them. It can also be used to stream content from Amazon Video and YouTube. You can also use the Show as a digital photo frame. Or, connect it to your home security system and monitor your security feed via the screen.

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The Show has eight microphones and noise cancellation. These features allow you to hear it from anywhere in the room. And, the screen can be viewed from as far as seven feet away even in a bright environment. The Show comes in both black and white. It resembles a retro kitchen countertop TV set.

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