Android Wear Coming to Wearable Devices: LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360 Up First

We all know that the word mobile as it relates to technology is evolving to mean much more than smartphones. Now the definition has expanded to include wearable devices as well. These technologies are equipped with the ability to communicate with your smartphones for health and fitness purposes, sure, but they’re getting smarter. Current devices are capable of standing alone and acting in place of your smartphone for communication and productivity purposes.

Recently, Google announced the coming of Android Wear, an operating system geared to offer users the most relevant information on wearable devices. The preview and developer preview offer a great glimpse into how the OS works and delivers information along with how apps on the devices will interact with the OS. This is all crucial information for developers across the globe. Android Wear will respond to the iconic “OK Google,” as Android Wear will obviously support Google Now to make restaurant reservations, send and receive texts, and get relevant updates from favorite applications based on learned activity, i.e. your inputs.

This is all big news for the Android community, which already has a lot going on this early in the year. In addition to Android Wear, Google is soon to release Android 4.4 KitKat, previewed along with Samsung’s Galaxy S5, which Verizon reports is “built for an active lifestyle…”. This is a clear reference to the on-board heart rate monitor that ties in perfectly well with smartwatch wearable technology—now potentially powered by Android Wear. Add to that Google’s tweaking Android games to interact with the iOS platform, and they’re off to an extremely strong start.

Speaking further on partnerships, Android Police reports that Google will pair up with companies including Asus, HTC, LG, and Motorola. Qualcomm, the developer of the Snapdragon series of chips currently powering Samsung’s Galaxy line has also announced “partner-chip” with Android Wear. The news concerning LG and Motorola is big considering they are poised to release wearable technologies themselves in the coming months.

[title subtitle=””]LG – G Watch[/title]

As the most elusive yet positively first smartwatch to hit the market operating with Android Wear, not a lot is known about the LG’s G Watch. The specs are not available, but pictures and potential release dates are. Expected to hit stores in the next quarter and expected to sell at an extremely competitive price, the LG G Watch is designed with a much more traditional style than newer model smartwatches.

[title subtitle=””]Motorola – Moto 360[/title]

Admittedly committed to keeping the overall look and shape of a traditional watch, Motorola’s Moto 360 is a sleek and efficient-looking device that will also run Android Wear. The design is almost button-free, and the MIT Technology Review reports that the device will come in various styles and will come equipped with the Google Now app.

Considering the recent developments in mobile tech, from smartphones to smartwatches, it will behoove everyone in the near future to keep up to date with the capabilities of those technologies to streamline your connectivity across devices.

Written by Kevin Gannon