Apple Announces The New Macbook Pro and Confirms ‘Touch Bar’ Rumor

In a much anticipated event on the 25th anniversary of Apples’s first laptop, the PowerBook, Apple has announced their latest updates to the MacBook Pro. Confirming internet rumours, the biggest innovation revealed during the event was the ‘Touch Bar’, which is an interactive touch screen strip that sits above the keyboard where the function keys were once located. The touch Bar customises and adapts to the programs being used to display quick touch functions for easy access.

macbook pro top view

In addition, Touch ID has been introduced to the Touch Bar which uses the same touch login technology used in the iPhone 7. With the new updates to the 15 and 13 inch MacBook, Apple has also added an additional model to the lineup which is a 13 inch without the Touch Bar.

An upgrade common to all models is the large Force Touch trackpad similar to that of the latest MacBook Air. As expected, the new new MacBook is smaller than it’s predecessors, at 14-17% thinner,  whilst packed with improvements in performance. The 15 inch model offering a quad-core Core i7 and the 13 inch offering a Core i5 or i7. 4 USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports can be found on all models, which has resulted in the loss of the card reader, but thankfully a 3.5mm headphone jack has been has remained.

Although the latest announcement hasn’t been the biggest we’ve seen from Apple, with the Touch Bar innovation does sounds exciting and we look forward to the hands-on test.

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white macbook pro top view

macbook pro side view with hdmi port