Apple Came Up with the Goods Again – Introducing the New MacBook Pro

The world’s leading consumer electronics brand, Apple have released another MacBook Pro. And like with every Apple release, it’s faster, more powerful, thinner and lighter. As Apple have stated, with their newest MacBook Pro, they’ve implemented a touch of genius with the introduction of the Touch Bar.

front view of apple macbook pro

It is a multi-touch enabled strip of glass that is built into the keyboard for quick access to all the tools you want. This Touch Bar replaces the traditional function keys to add a bespoke element to the MacBook. It automatically changes based on what you’re doing.

spotify button add on new macbook pro

And also, there is the beloved Touch ID to enable quick logins. I’m not going to go into the specs, as we know that Apple’s user-friendly layouts of all their products will provide all that. As an avid Apple user for the last decade, even though some may say that Apple are behind on the technology side, no one takes the mantle from them in terms of user-friendliness and pure aesthetics.

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