The Apple HomePod is Music to Our Ears

As part of a series of exciting announcements from tech giant Apple last night, the Silicon Valley manufacturer of the iPod have given the world a preview of their latest gadget: the HomePod. Due for release in December, the HomePod is the home sound system reborn, with a range of cool features that set it well and truly ahead of the pack.

First up is its spacial awareness technology – the speaker detects where it sits in a room, how big the space is, and its proximity to other items in the room. This then figures out how best to tailor the sound output to avoid distortion, and maximise clarity. The speaker also features six microphones to connect you with Siri, who’ll be able to take voice commands even if the music is at full-blast, and answer complex problems like “who’s the drummer on this track”?

apple homepod mini speaker spacial awareness technology

With an upwards facing woofer, A8 chip and 7 tweeters, the sound quality and volume are second to none for a speaker of this size (the little guy rocks in at just under 7 inches), though it’s another example of an awesome product from Apple that won’t be quite as good without the entire Apple ‘ecosystem’.

Check it out

apple homepod mini speaker front side

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