10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Apple Watch Can Do

10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Apple Watch Can Do
May 5, 2018 Jacob Osborn

10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Apple Watch Can Do

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Odds are you dropped some hard-earned cash on the Apple Watch Series 3, and with good reason. After all, the device is more streamlined, intelligent, independent and user-friendly than ever before. Making a great thing even greater is the fact that Apple’s latest smartwatch comes loaded with hidden utility. These are the tools and resources that you’ll find when you look just beyond the array of popular apps and functions. Sure, you might have uncovered some of them as you tinkered endlessly with your new favourite toy, but have you explored them all? If not, it’s definitely time to start reaping the full spectrum of benefits offered by this sleek and steadfast gadget. Here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Apple Watch Can Do.

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1. Enhance Your Skiing and Snowboarding Experience

Thanks to the latest updates to Apple Watch’s ski and snowboarding apps, you can track your winter sport activities with more precision than ever before. Use the gadget to record runs, see vertical descent, add calorie measurements to the Activity app, and more. That’s joined by the device’s already stellar range of communications features, meaning it’s never been easier to stay savvy on the slopes without using your hands.

2. Pay for Things and Even Board Planes

We’re going to assume you’re already familiar with Apple Pay, which allows you to make purchases using your smartwatch, even when you don’t have your iPhone on hand. It’s the perfect resource for making quick buys on your way into or out of the gym, or when you just don’t feel like walking around with stuffed pockets. But did you know you can also add rewards cards like Woolworths to the platform? Not only that, but you can use your Apple Watch as a boarding pass after check-in. All you need to do is add the boarding pass to your Wallet using the QR code on Apple Watch.

3. Unlock Your Car

Say goodbye to those annoying car keys! Okay, don’t throw out your keys just yet, even if the Apple Watch gives you a good reason to. More to the point, you can use the gadget to unlock your Tesla, Volkswagen, Mercedes or BMW. Additionally, the smartwatch can be used to check things like fuel levels or tyre pressure, locate your car, activate the horn, turn on the lights and adjust the climate control. Just download the companion app for each car and you’re ready to roll.

4. Call For Help

Thanks to a built-in Emergency SOS feature, the Apple Watch allows you to quickly call for help in times of need. And if you’re thinking to yourself, “well, what about when I’m traveling overseas?”, Apple is a solid step ahead of you. That is to say the Apple Watch automatically calls the local emergency number no matter where you are in the world. After that, the gadget sends a text message alert to your emergency contacts, letting them know exactly where you are. To activate the SOS feature, simply press and hold the side button on your watch until the SOS slider appears. Next, wait for the countdown to begin and an alert to sound. Here’s hoping you never have to use it. In the meantime, surely the feature will grant you some quality peace of mind.

5. Sync Up with GymKit Equipment Data

You know how you like to go to the gym and track things like heart rate, calories burned and other metrics on the machines? Well, thanks to new equipment technology known as GymKit (which is popping up in gyms around the world), you can now sync up your Apple Watch to track those very same metrics over longer periods of time. All you need to do is hold your Apple Watch near the NFC reader on a compatible treadmill, elliptical machine, indoor bike, or stair stepper, and then start your workout on the machine. Now you’re really staying on top of those fitness stats.

6. Look Into Your Heart

No, the Apple Watch will not establish a X-ray window into one of your body’s most vital organs. What it will do, however, is provide some truly thorough and accessible insights into your heart rate. It’s all thanks to a new complication on the watch face, which shows your latest heart reading, as well as both your resting and walking heart rates. In addition, the gadget will provide readouts like your average and highest heart rate during a given workout, and even show you how quickly that heart rate drops during the comedown period. Being that Apple Watch is already the most used heart rate monitor in the world, it’s logical to assume you’re somewhat familiar with this particular function. That said, if you’re big on fitness tracking, you should be exploring this feature to its fullest potential.

7. Listen to 45 Million Songs

It was music that helped turn Apple into one of the world’s biggest companies, and suffice to say, the Apple Watch doesn’t forget its roots. However, long gone are the days when rocking 1000 songs on your iPod was an impressive feat. Specifically, the Apple Watch’s newly redesigned Music app grants you access to no less than 45 million songs. It can also automatically sync playlists, and even send the tracks you listen to the most straight to your Apple Watch. If you’re ready to blast some tunes, let Siri do the work for you by asking her to “play something I like” or “play the new Drake album” or “start my workout playlist”.

8. Snap a Selfie

Before you get too excited, allow us to make one thing clear: your Apple Watch does not come with a secret built-in camera that you never knew about. However, it does include a Camera app, which allows you to snap pics on your iPhone’s front or rear camera. It’s the perfect tool for those selfie-takers out there who don’t want to deal with a 10 second timer. To activate, simply open the Camera app on your smartwatch and press the shutter button. For your convenience, three’s a 3 second self-timer option, giving you a little extra time to strike that perfect pose. You can also use the Apple Watch view-screen to find the perfect shooting position for your iPhone. This one’s a snap!

9. Get Complicated

You already have a piece of sophisticated tech slapped around your wrist, so don’t be afraid to get complicated. Specifically, you can add all sorts of helpful complications to your Apple Watch face, including time, data, upcoming appointments, the weather, heart rate and more. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also add complications from third-party apps like Qantas, Shazam and XE Currency. To see which apps offer complications, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap “Complications”.

10. Nifty Features You Simply Wouldn’t Think Of

Apple has some of the smartest people in the world designing its products, so there’s a good chance those engineers thought of something you wouldn’t even know to look for. For instance, if you misplace your iPhone, there’s a smartwatch feature that can prompt your phone to emit a high-pitched sound, even when the phone is on silent. Another nifty feature is Theatre Mode, which keeps your watch dark and silent until you tap the screen or press a button. What will those geniuses think up next!?


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