2020 iPhone Concept Gives Reasons to Wait on Upgrading

News that the new iPhone in 2019 won’t be offering any reason to buy it has sparked plenty of speculation of what the 2020 version will offer. Designer Ben Geskin has offered up a pretty cool design on Twitter, but whether his wish list of looks and functions will become a reality is anyone’s guess. Industry insider Ming-Chi Kuo leaked some of Apple’s plans for the 2020 iPhone.

What Kuo revealed is that 2020 will be the year that Apple comes out with the upgrades everyone has been clamouring for, including 5G connectivity. The 2020 version will also be the first iPhone to have a major design change since the iPhone X. The rumoured change will include shrinking the size of the 5.8-inch model down to 5.4 inches while the Max version will increase from 6.5 to 6.7 inches. The 2019 version is bereft of changes.

It will see upgraded rear cameras as well as a larger battery and potentially a USB-C port. It will also get louder speakers, which will be nice with the Bluetooth music sharing feature, and a night mode for the camera. Those changes haven’t done much to inspire people to want the 2019 version though, as evidenced by the speculation and design versions of the 2020 model that have been popping up everywhere.

iPhone 2020 has three cameras

Ben Geskin’s version of the iPhone adds in another set of leaks, this time from Ice Universe. These leaks give more details about the display of the 2020 iPhone. Reportedly, the display will combine the 120Hz ProMotion tech from the LCD displays in iPad Pros with the OLED panels of premium iPhones. These displays will supposedly be sourced from Samsung (not too big of a stretch seeing as how that’s how things currently work anyway).

Geskin’s vision also includes the 2020 iPhone’s 3D camera technology, which can be seen on the back of the phone with its pod of cameras.

iPhone 2020 Concept

It’s still unclear as to what exactly the 2020 version will be like, but if Geskin, and other designers, are right, then you might want to skip 2019 and wait for 2020 to upgrade.

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