AirPods Retro Revisit the 80s

The AirPods Retro take their inspiration from the Apple IIe, the third model of the Apple II series of personal computers produced by Apple in the 1980s. The Apple IIe had a distinct look, with its putty color, vents, and rainbow colored apple. The AirPods Retro takes its design notes from this extremely successful computer. The carrying case and the pods themselves are in the putty color. The button is colored in the rainbow motif, and the sides of the carrying case have been adorned with faux vents.

full view airpods retro

The design may be a throwback, but the functionality is anything but. You’ll still get all the same features and functions you expect from AirPods. Even if they did revert some of that functionality, you’d still have a great product. The Apple IIe has the distinction of being the longest-lived computer in Apple’s history, with a manufacturing story that lasted for nearly 11 years with very few changes. The AirPods Retro would do well to follow that example.

The AirPods Retro are offered through Colorware, which has been customizing electronics and accessories since 2000. Colorware first started with customizing the paint jobs of computers and cellphones, but they’ve begun branching out into more products, like AirPods. Don’t be surprised to see even more of their handiwork coming onto the market.

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