The Benefits of Upgrading to the Latest MacBook Pro

Don’t confuse it with the similarly named 2019 Mac Pro desktop. We’re talking about the latest MacBook Pro notebook and its upgraded hardware. Highlights include faster 8th- and 9th-generation Intel Core processors to increase power and speed while the colourful Retina display, super-fast data storage and all-day battery life are icing on the cake.

Apple cites far-reaching benefits for users and creatives who upgrade to the latest MacBook Pro. If any of the improvments listed below sound good to you, maybe it is time for an upgrade. You can always trade-in your current MacBook and receive Apple Store credit off your next purchase.

• Music producers can play back massive multi-track projects with up to two times more Alchemy plug-ins in Logic Pro X.
• 3D designers can render scenes up to two times faster in Maya Arnold.
• Photographers can apply complex edits and filters up to 75 percent faster in Photoshop.
• Developers can compile code up to 65 percent faster in Xcode.
• Scientists and researchers can compute complex fluid dynamics simulations up to 50 percent faster in TetrUSS.
• Video editors can edit up to 11 simultaneous multi-cam streams of 4K video in Final Cut Pro X.

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Beyond the enhanced internal specs, music lovers will appreciate the immersive stereo speakers with wide-stereo sound, along with optional contextual controls via Touch Bar and a large trackpad.

The Thunderbolt 3 ports handle data transfers, charging and connecting up to two 5K displays or four external GPUs. The Apple T2 security chip and Touch ID keep data safe and secure.

“Whether it’s college students mastering a course of study, developers building world-class apps or video editors creating feature films, we’re constantly amazed at what our customers do with their MacBook Pro,” said Tom Boger, Apple’s Senior Director of Marketing.

Available in 15-inch and 13-inch configurations, pricing for Apple’s new MacBook Pro begins at $2,699. You can head down to the Apple store right now and get your hands on one of these beauties or following the link below will have a similar effect.

In other Apple news, the tech giant announced its first 6K monitor named the Pro Display XDR. The iPod Touch has also received upgrades including Group FaceTime and more affordable pricing.

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