Apple Watch Series 3 is the Smartwatch We’ve Been Waiting For

Yesterday might as well have been dubbed “Apple day” given the slew of announcements put forth by Tim Cook and company. Among the stellar products unveiled was the Watch Series 3, which immediately feels like the smartwatch Apple was aiming for all along. That’s in no small part thanks to built-in cellular connectivity as well as the latest in fitness tracking technology. The result is an optimised smartwatch similar in design to previous instalments with a few major touch ups that go a long way.

apple series 3 smart watch calling system

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes in two versions: one with GPS + Cellular and one with just GPS. Naturally, it’s the cellular version with built-in 4G LTE and UMTS connectivity that has everyone talking. Strap the gadget around your wrist and make calls without an adjoining iPhone anywhere in the vicinity, giving new meaning to the concept of unfettered mobility. Under the skin is a S3 dual-core processor that enables lightning quick app launch times, seamless graphics and even brings Siri along for the ride this time by way of a built-in speaker.

apple series 3 smart watch waterproof

Smartwatches and fitness tracking go hand in hand and any smartwatch maker is well aware of the fact. To deliver the utmost tier of fitness tech, Apple employed the steadfast watchOS 4. In addition to hosting an updated Heart Rate app, WatchOS 4 offers a proactive Siri display to keep you afloat of your vitals, a new Workout app with improved interface, custom High Intensity Interval Training, a GymKit platform for cardio and much more. At some point down the road, watchOS 4 will also be able to stream up to 40 million songs through your wireless Air Pods. Indeed, give this gadget a high resolution camera and it could one day render your smartphone obsolete (as if). Each smartwatch is also waterproof and equipped with a barometric altimeter to measure elevation.

Available in a generous handful of editions, colours and materials, the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS + Cellular will land in stores on September 22. The version with just GPS will start at $329 USD and the version with GPS + Cellular will start at $399 USD. Strap up.

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