Apple Airpods and case

eBay bringing back $99 Apple AirPods

In what has proven to be a very big day for online deals, we’ve just found another. Right now, you can grab a pair of Apple Airpods for just $99. That is without a doubt, the cheapest pair of Apple Airpods on the interwebs.

Starting at 9 am on Friday the 20th of March, eBay plus members (FYI: there’s a very handy 30-day free trial available) can get their hands on Apple AirPods for only $99, saving a massive $150 off its original price. On top of this, eBay has launched 20% off millions of products across the platform.

You’re gonna have to be quick though. The last time eBay launched $99 Apple Airpods they sold out in just 36 seconds. Good luck, savvy shoppers.

Apple Airpods ($99)