Plugbug Duo is Couple’s Counseling for You and Your MacBook

The Plugbug Duo is resolving the biggest problem with the relationship you have with your new MacBook. No doubt you’ve noticed that the newest iterations of the MacBook come with only USB-C—no big deal, right? You still love your MacBook, and you’re a diehard Apple power user. The only problem is that your new MacBook doesn’t play well with the rest of your Apple family. It used to be that you could charge your other Apple products—iPhone, iPad, magic mouse, headphones, battery pack—through your MacBook, thus using only one outlet. But without those traditional USB ports, that’s a practice that is long gone. But hey, you can live with that right? Every relationship is about compromise, after all.

plugbug duo in bag

Fortunately, Plugbug resolves this problem. You won’t have to worry about finding an extra outlet at an airport, or about taking up all the outlets in a meeting room. Instead, just install the Plugbug Duo onto your MacBook power adapter and get two traditional USB charging ports back. You’ll be able to charge three items from just one outlet. Plugbug Duo also comes with an available 2.1A rapid-charge for your iPhone and iPad. Plugbug also makes travel a snap, with five included adapters so that you can charge your Apple products in over 150 countries.

So stay in that honeymoon phase of your relationship with your MacBook by using the Plugbug Duo.

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