Where to Buy the Best iPhone Case of All Time

We didn’t really expect to get the massive response we received when we posted something we discovered on twitter from Cinepocalypse, but this Arnold Schwarzenegger iPhone went absolutely crazy when we posted it on our Instagram.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the design of the camera for the new iPhone 11s with some saying that it triggers them with trypophobia, but when we saw this case, it’s almost as if two perfect worlds came together.

The ‘Governator’ of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, from the timeless film, Commando and the fancy new iPhone 11s.

You guys went nuts for it, so, as requested by a lot of you, we thought we’d track down where you can buy one if you’re keen.

There’s a few dodgy replicas popping up on eBay here, or a more legit version from Alibaba here.

“Astalavista baby.”