Apple’s New iMac Pro is a Desktop Gone Mad

Apple last night caused a flurry of excitement in Silicon Valley when they made several announcements surrounding their newest products and OS platforms, starting with this: the new iMac Pro, set for release this December. Touted as the ‘most powerful Mac ever’ (an assumption one could probably make, given it’s their newest), it looks set to be a pretty damn sexy computer, which will help the manufacturer bolster their reputation as the PC of choice for creative professionals, especially in the design industry.

apple imac pro desktop top view

Served up in their iconic ‘space gray’ (it’s black), the new 27″ Retina 5K screen looks stunning, and the whole package houses up to 18-core Xeon processors and up to 22 Teraflops of graphics computation. That’s right, a whole 22 Teraflops (don’t worry, I googled it too). The unit also features some flash new hardware, namely in the form of an 80% increase in cooling capability from the last model, making high-powered workloads a cinch.

While the company may appear to have fallen behind the 8-ball in the last few years, especially in the smartphone market, this looks to be proof of why everybody who doesn’t play computer games made the switch to Mac years ago, and why they’re still the computer of choice for all the cool kids.

Check it out

man playing game with apple imac pro desktop

night mood image of apple imac pro desktop

sound system of apple imac pro desktop

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