The Arcus Gatling Gun is Pure 3D Printed Fun

3D printing, a once futuristic concept embracing the notion that a machine can recreate a tangible object from a digital model, has gone far beyond the realms of perceived human advancement in a very short space of time, from 3D printed organs, bones for reconstruction surgery, even to 3D printed houses in China, and is now at the dizzying heights of every concept’s true insignia of success: domestic usage, specifically for the purposes of building your very own toys. Toys that fire rubber bands. Forty eight of them. In two seconds flat.

the arcus gatling gun is printed davis

Okay, so The Arcus rubber band gatling gun may seem like a frivolous use of one of the greatest technological advancements the twenty first century has seen, but designer Matthew Davis has left no stone unturned in his quest to make the perfect rubber band gatling gun (and to share the design with the public for anybody who wants to print one of these beauties out themselves).

The whole thing operates on the tension of the rubber bands themselves, and fires the suckers down range at an alarmingly fast rate. With no gluing or screwing required (all the pieces snap snugly together) it looks like the most fun jigsaw puzzle ever made – if you or somebody you know has access to a 3D printer then you’ve officially got no excuse to be bored on a rainy afternoon with a project piece as cool as this.

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