The Asus ROG Avalon is the Ultimate DIY Gaming PC

The idea behind gaming PCs is that they need to be high performance and upgradable to keep up with the latest games. There’s always the option of DIY although then you have to worry about squeezing the high-end graphics card and processor into the limited space. Without proper planning it can be near impossible trying to squeeze through tight spaces to adjust something.

asus rog avalon makes building computers

The Asus ROG Avalon features a simple and is a vast improvement over previous models of component management and upgrading. The Avalon does away with all of the messy cabling and optimises the layout with a plug-and-play system. Each component is easily accessible and slotted in instead of being hidden behind other components. You can swap out almost all the components without even opening the case.

asus rog avalon back side

The design of the Avalon channels the early days of home computing with its awesome retro aesthetic. The ROG Avalon greatly simplifies DIY gaming PCs and is designed to be the next step in the PCs evolution.

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