Aëdle Improves on Popular Headphones With The VK-2

When French audio company Aëdle came out with the VK-1 Headphones back in 2014, they innovated in terms of delivering beautiful design and superior audio engineering. Until now, the company made just one pair of headphones. Now, Aëdle is once again dominating the headphone market with their second pair of headphones, which combine the latest in sound and style.

vk 2 headphone the latest sound

Handcrafted in Aëdle’s Paris workshop—Rue Campagne Première, the VK-2 Headphones are a new and improved version of the original VK-1s. They feature the same genuine lambskin leather from the South of France, and a CNC precision machined T6063 Aluminium body.

Aëdle left alone the things that their customers liked on the old headphones. They listened to customer feedback and made several changes to the original headphones based on their customer’s desires. One of the biggest changes made was to the sound quality.

vk 2 headphone show aluminium body

The new headphones now feature enhanced 40mm titanium drivers. An updated acoustic chamber further enhances the highs and lows. It also helps improve stereo imaging. Aëdle enhanced the comfort of the new headphones, as well. They feature thicker earpads and headband padding.

The Aëdle VK-2s are perfect for audiophiles on the go. They feature two detachable cables in different lengths and two removable ear pads, which are magically held in place by magnets. The VK-2 Headphones also come with a remote, aeroplane adapter, 6.5 mm adapter and a matching cleaning cloth.


vk 2 headphone perfect for users

Aëdle’s VK-2s will be available worldwide—in limited quantities. The first batch was just released on May 30th.

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vk 2 headphone available worldwide

vk 2 headphone long vga cable

vk 2 headphone in the bagpack


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