Amazon Alexa Riffs with Marshall Speakers

Amazon Alexa is teaming up with Marshall Speakers to bring you your music without all the cords.

Marshall speakers are perhaps best known for their guitar amps, but recently they’ve been jumping into the Bluetooth speaker market. Currently, the speaker company is revamping their Acton and Stanmore speakers. As of October 2, the speakers will support Amazon Alexa. Google Assistant will be coming later.

marshall amazon tuning view

The two speakers are very similar. In looks, the speakers stay true to the rock-and-roll style that is a hallmark of Marshall speakers. The biggest difference between the two is just that—one is bigger than the other.

As for sound, the speakers sport class D amplifiers with a bass reflex cabinet system. The drivers are custom tuned and engineered to put out a balanced and dynamic sound.

top view marshall speakers

Two models of each will be offered for each of the assistants. The Acton II will sell for $299, and the Stanmore II will sell for $399.

back view marshall speakers

And for those who are looking for Marshall sound minus the assistant, the Kilburn II offers Bluetooth compatibility. The speaker is boxish and has a carrying strap. The speaker is water resistant, making it a great addition to any party. The Kilburn II will sell for $299.

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