Audeara Headphones Tests Your Hearing and Adjusts Sound Levels Accordingly

Worried that your hearing’s not what it used to be? Well, Audeara is revolutionary full-fidelity Bluetooth headphones with a built-in hearing test that adapts to your ears for perfect sound, always.

Everyone has some degree of hearing loss, whether it’s from too many loud gigs, power tools or even time spent on a busy street. Audeara performs an audiogram test the first time you slip them on. The headphones are then automatically calibrated to send the best possible signal to your ears. Audeara even adjusts your right and left ears separately, and once your sound profile is stored, you never need to calibrate again, unless you want to. Audeara doesn’t simply turn the sound up, the innovative technology uses low-frequency signals for personalised sound and also eliminates distortion and maintains wireless consistency.

audeara headphones funny using view

The results of the audiogram test can be displayed via a smartphone, useful for long-term tracking of any hearing loss, and also as an educational tool to prevent long-term hearing impairment. If your hearing profile shows significant impairment, you receive an alert, which suggests it’s time to see a hearing expert. If everything’s fine, you’ve just saved yourself an unwanted appointment.

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The headphones themselves offer a simple, yet sophisticated aesthetic paired with high-quality 40mm Mylar speakers housed in soft over-ear cushions connected via an adjustable headband. The built-in lithium-ion battery is charged via micro-USB, and the advanced active noise-cancelling design effectively reduces unwanted noise by up to 85%.

audeara headphones side view

Audeara began in early 2017 with an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign with the Brisbane-based startup earning over $460,000. The headphones are currently doing rounds at Australia’s largest consumer tech exhibition TGE and pre-orders are open for a limited time via the official Audeara website.

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