Audeze Mobius Headphones Anchors Sound in Reality

The Audeze Mobious Headphones approach your gaming audio in a revolutionary manner. Most high-end headphones promise that they will create a 7.1 surround sound for your gaming pleasure. Where Mobius is different is in how they position that sound relative to you. With Mobius, moving your head or shifting your position won’t change the soundstage created by the headphones. Instead, if a sound is coming from a specific point on your screen—say the left side of the screen—then tilting or turning your head, or even standing up won’t alter the position of the sound. The idea is what Audeze calls sound localization and it works by tracking the movements of your head in relation to a map created out of the dimensions of your room. Mobius tracks every head movement at a rate of 1000 times a second and feeds that data to the 3D emulation algorithm. The effect is that even though you’re wearing headphones, the sound seems to come from a fixed speaker.

audeze mobius headphones front side view

The headphones use planar magnetic tech like the rest of Audeze’s products. They’re also AAC and LDAC Bluetooth capable. Their wireless battery life is rated at 10 hours, and they can be connected via USB-C, USB-A, or 3.5mm headphone jack. A detachable microphone is also available. The earphones are made of contoured memory foam and are fully replaceable and there is an adjustable, memory foam headband pad to increase comfort. Finally you can choose from black headphones with either copper or blue accents.

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audeze mobius headphones for smart gaming

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