Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 Headphones Are Plush Audiophile Stunners

Bolstered by new Core Mount Technology, Audio Technica’s ADX5000 Headphones aim squarely for the top shelf of audiophile performance. Of course, you probably guessed as much as soon as you noticed the $1999 USD price tag. Reaffirming the headphones’ distinction is a premium luggage-style carry case included in the purchase. We suggest using the case to tuck these babies in at night, just before you pass out listening to Dark Side of the Moon for the third time in a row.

ath adx5000 headphones top side view

Hand-assembled in Japan, the Audio Technica ADX5000 Headphones are truly a sight to behold. The outsized pads host an unmistakable honeycomb pattern and no side vents in order to keep those ears completely immersed. The pads and headband are both covered in soft, breathable Alcantra, while a magnesium frame and arm delivers rigid, lightweight construction. In other words, expect nothing but ethereal comfort as you lose yourself in an endless sea of music.

ath adx5000 headphones in the box

To ensure superior sonics, reduced vibration and wide range audio, Audio Technica utilised Core Mount Technology and an integrated driver unit. That’s joined by a Tungsten-coated diaphragm, which retains firmness for improved transient response. The result is a look and performance that’s first class in every sense of the concept. Audio Technica would want nothing less.

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