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Beosound emerge

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Emerge Speaker Turns Over a New Page

Danish audio lord Bang & Olufsen has turned its sights away from bulky sound systems and headed straight to the bookshelf. The new Beosound Emerge home speaker is slim enough to be mistaken for a book but powerful enough to keep the party going.

Design in collaboration with Benjamin Hubert from the experience design agency LAYER, the Besound Emerge takes its visual cues from mediums outside of the home hi-fi space. According to the brand, the speaker was inspired by the compact form factor of a book, visible in its slim, sculptural structure. The side panels wrap around the speaker like the cover of a book, while the front is marked with the iconic B&O logo, reminiscent of an author’s name on a novel.

Beosound emerge 1

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“The vision for Beosound Emerge was to create the slimmest speaker possible that could still deliver full range, ultra-wide sound despite its size through its revolutionary driver configuration,” Christoffer Poulsen, Bang & Olufsen senior vice president and head of product management said. “Whether placed on a bookshelf in the bedroom or a tight corner of the kitchen, Beosound Emerge’s slim design allows you to extend your music to a new room or complement an existing speaker in the same area without taking up extra space.”

Inside, the Beosound Emerge houses a 37mm midrange along with the 14mm soft dome tweeter. The output of the 100mm side-firing woofer is guided to the back of the product, delivering 180-degree sound from a surprisingly small footprint. Additionally, the low-frequency range is improved by the built-in active room compensation technology. This feature customises the sound design for the placement of the speaker in your room, which B&O claims will ensure a “flawless sound experience in every listening environment”.

Beosound emerge 4

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With the aesthetic firmly planted on the bookshelf, the Beosound Emerge has been designed to integrate with your domestic objects. The Gold Tone variation uses an oak wood cover that wraps around the woven Hvadrat textile on the spine, alongside a pearl-blasted aluminium anodised in god tone, adding a touch of luxury in between your Goosebumps collection. You can also pick up the Beosund Emerge in a high-grade aluminium Black Anthracite finish, which cops polymer side panels that feature a vertical corrugated pattern.

“As a studio, we like to build long-term partnerships with the brands we work with and Beosound Emerge is our second collaboration with Bang & Olufsen,” Benjamin Hubert, founder of LAYER said. “The super slim speaker has been designed to minimise the physical footprint and maximise the audio output as a response to the real estate in people’s homes being at an unprecedented premium. At LAYER, we believe that technology should enable happiness but doesn’t necessarily need to be an expression in its own right, so it was equally important for us to create a new architectural format with a strong sculptural sensibility and a more domestic material palette that will stand out in the saturated audio market while seamlessly fitting into the home.”

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For those tech heads with a penchant for upgrading, the Beosound Emerge is one step ahead. You’ll be ahoppy to note the latest addition houses the replaceable connectivity module inside made famous by the previous Beosound Level. The technology allows the speaker to receive new performance updates and features as they are handed down, future-proofing the home hi-fi option for years to come. The new Bang & Olufsen Beosound Emerge is available in both Gold Tone and Black Anthracite from October 2021. Pricing for the new home speaker starts at AUD$1,050.

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Beosound emerge 2

Beosound emerge 3

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