Beoplay E8 2.0 Adds More Power to Your Listening Pleasure

A lot of companies revisit products and put out a “2.0” version in order to pump up sales without really investing much in the new version. You might be tempted to ascribe that motive to Bang & Olufsen for their new Beoplay E8 2.0. When you look at the changes, it doesn’t seem like there’s that much to be excited about, but think it through a bit and you’ll be glad for the updates.

Beoplay in casing

And what are those updates? Mostly it’s an addition of extra battery life. The updated carrying case can now charge the headphones fully up to three times, for a total of 16 hours of battery life—that’s a four hour improvement over the previous model. Bang & Olufsen also added in some LEDs to better display the remaining charge. The company also announced a new wireless charging pad made of brushed aluminum and cowhide leather that supports up to 10W fast charging. The headphones haven’t changed, and that’s just fine. They were already great quality with superb sound.

Beoplay top view

So it’s just charging that has changed? Basically, yes. But that extra battery life and capability translates into a lot more use and freedom from outlets. While the 2.0 version is being marketed for $350, you can also pick up just the improved case for $200—which, if you already have the headphones might be the better way to go.

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Beoplay back ear piece

Beoplay inside look