Bowers & Wilkins Pools its Expertise into the Formation Suite

Bowers & Wilkins has spent over 50 years building a reputation for creating and innovating audio products. Their new Formation Suite takes wireless audio for whole-home sound a step beyond that solid foundation. “The Formation Suite is the newest and most technologically innovative line of wireless products our development team has ever created,” explains Bowers & Wilkins CEO Greg Lee.

“We are setting a new bar in the world of wireless sound, proving that wired fidelity can be achieved wirelessly. The all-new Formation Wireless technology enables a fidelity never experienced on a wireless system before.”

The Formation Suite consists of five products, the Bar, Duo, Wedge, Bass, and Audio. These products use a patented mesh network for a higher quality streaming experience with better speaker synchronization. That synchronisation allows the speakers to function within one microsecond of each other, creating a more harmonious experience as you move room to room in your home. The speakers also have a 96/24 bit audio resolution—twice the fidelity of any other leading wireless speaker—for a more robust sound.

Lee further comments that “With Formation, we’re taking the superior quality sound of Bowers & Wilkins is known for and coupling it with an unmatched, easy-to-use, wireless listening experience, making it the new standard in whole home audio.”

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