Upgrade Vintage Speakers to Bluetooth with B&O x HiFiBerry Collab

HiFiBerry and Bang & Olufsen are bringing retro speakers up to modern day standards through impressive, yet simplistic, methods.

Doing things a bit differently, Bang & Olufsen realized that the modern music listener is moving away from using ornate and powerful wired speakers for the newer more “in” wireless speakers. They saw this as a shame and partnered with HiFiBerry to do something about it.

To give these speakers a new lease on life, they developed a strategy to harness he powerful performance and combine it with modern technology. Working together the two companies were about to update the older speakers and make them wireless – offering a chance at timeless design and modern technology.

If you don’t want to be like every other one of your peers and be yelling at “Alexa” to play the next song, the Beocreate update to an older speak may be the way to go. This is the first physical outcome for the Beocreate product line that allows for an internal exploration on how we truly wish to engage with our media.

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