Can You Spot the Beoplay M3 Wireless Speaker?

B&O Play is launching its most compact wireless home speaker yet, the Beoplay M3. It’s powerful and even more impressive when paired with a range of multi-room speakers. Plus it hides in plain sight.

Beoplay M3 features a combination of custom-designed drivers, plenty of amplifier power, plus tuning by Bang & Olufsen’s acoustic engineers for a new standard of compact design vs. high performance. M3 combines trickle-down technologies from larger Bang & Olufsen products, such as advanced digital sound processing (DSP) adaptive bass linearisation (ABL) and unique controls to protect against thermal and mechanical overload.

beoplay m3 wireless speaker on the table

The unit is front firing, with one 3 ½ custom designed long stroke mid/woofer that covers frequencies from the base band to the upper midrange, ensuring perfect integration of the individual parts of the spectrum. The treble is covered by a high-quality soft dome tweeter utilising a neodymium magnet system, and there’s a three-position switch to fine tune the speaker to the actual position in the listening room.

The compact speaker is designed by award-winning industrial designer Cecilie Manz with its architecture based on a simple silhouette. Infinite lines run around the oval shape to draw attention to the detail that makes Beoplay M3 confident in its simplicity.

beoplay m3 wireless speaker smart look

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Beoplay M3 comes with your choice of front covers to match your home’s interior. You can choose from either premium, acoustically transparent wool blend fabric or a pearl blasted anodised aluminium cover featuring the recognisable B&O Play hole pattern.

“Beoplay M3 is all about character; one that can easily adapt to any interior style,” says Cecilie Manz. “We have worked hard to get the very best of the premium materials used, and the result is a sleek, hyper simple speaker with a precise shape. Tight, compact and powerful, Beoplay M3 blends in perfectly with your interior.”

Carefully designed for the home, you can choose between instant music listening with Bluetooth, streaming music directly from your smart device to the speaker, or you can connect the speaker to Wi-Fi for a multi-room setup.

beoplay m3 wireless speaker for athlete

Beoplay M3 launches in two colours: Natural and Black, with seasonal colours to come. Beoplay M3 is available for $449 AUD, with an optional wall mount for $74. The wool-fabric cover and aluminium cover cost $89 each.

For a more portable solution, check out the Beoplay P2 speaker which fits right in your pocket.

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beoplay m3 wireless speaker top side

beoplay m3 wireless speaker switch

beoplay m3 wireless speaker connection light

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