Check out Moonraker – the Incredible Retro, Futuristic Sound System from Bossa

Drawing inspiration from the 1960s and a particular Bond film, Bossa has launched a retro-futuristic sound system that delivers studio quality sound in an elegant package. The Moonraker sound system features wireless, audiophile-grade electronics Integrated in a stereo pair of acoustically-optimised loudspeakers. Moonraker was conceived as a sphere to eliminate some common issues like panel resonances and internal standing waves. It’s an awesome shape that’s not only beautiful, but also has substantial performance benefits.

incredible retro futuristic sound system

Here’s the technical bit. Bossa uses a low-volume, time-intensive rotational moulding process to produce an exceptionally thick polymer sphere. A constrained layer of damping material is bonded between the front baffle and the enclosure, damping vibrations created by the drive units. The result is a low-diffraction, low-resonance speaker with exceptional acoustic properties. In product testing, the sound system earned consistently high scores for its warm sound, wide soundstage and superior imaging characteristics.

incredible retro sound system speakers on hardwood legs

Moonraker is sold as a two-speaker system, with one powered speaker and one passive
speaker. Engineered in California by Bossa’s in-house design team, the hardware includes four power amplifiers in bi-amplified configuration, a Bluetooth radio, two analogue inputs, and two wired digital inputs. The Bluetooth radio features high-performance aptX and AAC compression technologies and the user interface is a white LED display with rendered fonts inspired by early video games. The speaker’s hardwood legs are made from cut-offs sourced from the yacht building industry. A remote control is included for your convenience.

incredible retro sound system remote controller

The Moonraker sound system will provide the perfect audio cues for attempting re-entry. Get it? The sound sytem is priced at US $2399.

Images – Robert Cardellino

Check it out

incredible retro sound system perfect audio cues

incredible retro sound system front side

incredible retro sound system display view

incredible retro sound system wood stand

incredible retro sound system on the stand

incredible retro sound system wood style

incredible retro sound system moonraker

incredible retro sound system side look

incredible retro sound system back side


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