Constellation Audio Leo Sound System Sounds as Good as it Looks

If looks could kill, then the Constellation Audio Leo Sound System might just be lethal. The designers at Constellation opted to abandon the boxy look of speakers and instead dressed up the Leo with new lines and angles that make it stand out. The basic rectangular shape remains, but the look is stylishly different, with multiple facets that leave your eye roving over the texture. Looking at it, you won’t necessarily know that it is a speaker.

Until you hear it, anyway. The Leo Sound System employs two 6.5-inch woofers that are set in opposed parallel configuration. That set-up helps cancel out vibrations, cleaning up the sound of the speaker immensely. The woofers feature dedicated twin 150-Watt Class D amplifiers, improving their sound quality even more. Add on two 2.5-inch midrange drivers and dual 0.75-inch tweeters (each with their own 70-Watt amps) and the Leo system is pumping out sound somewhere in the neighborhood of 560 Watts.

But it’s not just brute power that creates the sound quality, it’s also a multichannel DSP that can optimize sources like AirPlay, Chromecast, Bluetooth, optical digital, Ethernet, or even the built-in MC/MM phono stage.

Normally Constellation is marketed toward the higher end (read “higher priced”) listener. But the Leo is set to be a “lifestyles” line that is more affordable.

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