Logigram Turntable Transmits Good Vibes Even When Switched Off

If you’re part of the vinyl revival, or love backing sweet crowdfunding projects, you need to check out Logigram. It’s a premium turntable, entirely manual, and thanks to its sweet modern aesthetic, transmits pleasant vibes even when turned off.

Logigram works as a plug-and-play turntable, capable of both 33 and 45 rpm. It’s made of very few components, resulting in a simple, minimal design. Although it’s unique diagonal shape across the base is what sets this turntable apart from the rest. The base incorporates a reinforcing layer of composite material. This material creates an anti-resonant barrier between the tonearm/cartridge axis and the motor improving the audio quality.

The Logigram turntable comes from Defoss, a group of international architects and designers creating exciting furniture, objects and environments. The group is funding their turntable through the crowdfunding site Indigogo and offering a special early bird price on the base model. It comes with a glossy black finish, a black felt slipmat and a 3D-printed tonearm. You can lock the base model in for USD $475. That’s a saving of 27% on the eventual retail price.

logigram turntable transmits good vibes even wood base

Alternatively, the Premium and Ultimate editions are upgraded with a wooden base, a cork slipmat and other premium materials. The Indigogo run is limited to several hundred units, so each turntable is fitted with a limited edition identification plate on the bottom, containing its unique serial number. Logigram turntables are backed by a 2 year warranty and are expected to ship out March 2019.

Try pairing a Logigram turntable with Fluance Ai40 2.0 active bookshelf speakers.

Check it out

logigram turntable transmits good vibes even white version

logigram turntable transmits good vibes even cork slipmat

logigram turntable transmits good vibes even black version

logigram turntable transmits good vibes even close up

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