Devialet New Phantom Reactor Speaker Miniaturizes Big Sound

For ten years, Devialet has been building up to its new Phantom Reactor Speaker, and the investment of time is paying off. The Phantom Reactor is a smaller version of the Devialet Phantom—the same speaker capable of putting out sound levels equal to that of a small aircraft taking off (108dB). The Phantom Reactor is a quarter of the size, measuring 219mm X 157mm X 168mm.

It’s designed for the tabletop, and placing it there is sure to get conversation started. The design unlike any speaker you’ve ever seen. The lozenge shape is novel, and the rounded portions are so foreign to the classic rectangular speaker setup.

phantom reactor speaker blue

The Phantom Reactor sports some new hardware as well, starting with the addition of capacitive buttons on the top. The back houses a mini jack, optical, and Ethernet slots. The bass drivers had to be custom made for the Reactor. The grille is the only thing that matches with the bigger version, demonstrating just how much ventilation is needed to keep the components cool.

devialet speaker with stand

While the unit may be a quarter of the size, the sound isn’t. The Phantom Reactor is available in two versions—the Phantom Reactor 900 and the Phantom Reactor 600. The number refers to wattage, and with the 900 you’ll get a 98dB range. This is still a speaker that will punch you in the chest with its power, yet it retains a crisp, clear quality. It’s definitely not a speaker you want to judge by its size.

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