Dolby Dimension Surrounds You With Sound

The Dolby sound is iconic—you’ve heard it before in movies and felt it pulse through you. The same company that has built its industry on surround sound is now taking that sound out of theatres and putting it into headphones with the Dolby Dimension.

dolby dimension closeup headphone

Dolby Dimension is a Bluetooth headphone retailing for USD$599. That may sound like a hefty price, but the quality of the sound that these headphones produce justifies the cost. The headphones weigh 11.6 ounces and have a synthetic leather finish over an aluminium frame. The headphones come with a charging dock that uses a magnetic connection. Alternatively, you can use the USB port to charge the headphones.

dolby charging dock side view

Dolby Dimension uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core ARM processor to produce sound through a process Dolby calls “virtualization.” The headphones also feature head tracking, so that sound always seems to come from your screen regardless of how you turn your head. There’s also a noise cancelling feature and microphones for making calls.

dolby dimension black

The controls for the headphones are on the right ear cup and are used by swiping or tapping. There are also three other buttons for selecting your source. The headphones can be paired with your TV, tablet, and phone, or just about any other Bluetooth capable device. You can adjust the different aspects of the headphones using the Dolby Dimension app.

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