Don’t Sacrifice Your Options, Get the Revo SuperCD

The Revo SuperCD takes the functionality of numerous audio formats and stuffs them (neatly) into the utilimate all-in-one music player. Crafted in the same fashion as the the always-sexy SuperSeries models, the SuperCD appeals to both old school music lovers and new age afficinados alike – and does so in a pretty package.

revo supercd side and front shape

“So what exactly can you access through this machine?” We’re glad you asked. Tens of thousands of radio stations around the globe are at your fingertips when you click on this SuperCD. Multi-format CD playback, streaming services like Spotify, wireless Bluetooth, smartphone integration and multiroom audio capabilities round out the impressive offerings from Revo.

revo supercd on the shelves

This system doesn’t just bump hits, it looks the part too. SuperCD is hand-crafted using nothing but the finest of materials. It’s entirely natural wood cabinest is complimented well by aluminum and steel plates, creating a retro, but advanced, aesthetic.

revo supercd beside the bed

The outfit is completed with a precise and detialied graphical OLED display and analog controls that add that touch of technology so many of us crave.

revo supercd side and front view

The Revo SuperCD has the same vintage charm as a record player, but steps into the future and provides the most advanced functionality commercially available.

Check it out

revo supercd top and side shape

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