The Original Eames Radio Design Has Finally Found the Right Time

The Eames Radio was one of several products that Charles and Ray Eames put together after they discovered the process to mould plywood. That was in 1940. By 1952, nearly 200,000 cabinet style radios were being sold by different manufacturers using the Eames process. While the cabinet radio enjoyed some success, the table radio did not receive such a warm reception.

Instead, manufacturers wanted a “normal design” for the radios they were going to produce. The Eameses submitted the radio to Interiors, but even with the publicity of the magazine, the radio just never caught on.

eames radio front side

But times have changed. Vitra and Eames Office have joined forces to revive the now classic design. The radio comes encased in moulded walnut. While the design may have come about 40 years ago, the components are completely modern and come to the project from British manufacturer REVO. Production of the radio will be limited to just 999 units, so you’ll want to pick up one of these elegant table toppers before they are lost to the annals of time once again.

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