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EPOS B20 is the Studio Quality Streaming Microphone to Rival All

EPOS is an audio brand known for its wide variety of high-quality gaming equipment. We loved the H3 wired gaming headset, so when their latest release came across our radar we couldn’t wait to try it out! It’s safe to say the brand has added to its ever-growing repertoire with a studio-quality streaming microphone that will impress friends and captivate your audience. Dubbed the B20 this is the brand’s first microphone, and boasts a premium look and feel that rivals anything on the market.

Update 25/08/2021: The highly anticipated launch of the Playstation 5 compatibility for the EPOS B20 streaming microphone has finally landed. To update your microphone for use with PS5 simply open the EPOS gaming suite on windows and click “Update Available”. Included in firmware update 1.0.6 are several changes and bug fixes, including;

  • Improved settings related to microphone attenuation.
  • Adjustments to the resolution of the Gain dial.
  • Matched Gain settings on the device with settings on the PC.

EPOS B20 Microphone Specifications

Compatibility: PC / Softphone, PS5, PS4, Mac OSX.
Connection: Hassle-free USB C – USB A connection.
Pick up: Choice of 4 patterns.
Quality: 24bit, 48kHz
Price: AU$329

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Image: EPOS

Sound Quality

Staying true to the brand 115 years of audio engineering experience, the B20 delivers clarity without sacrificing deep bass and treble tones. While we aren’t daily streamers by any means, we were able to test the audio quality in sound, video and conferencing situations where we achieved rich, clear and enhanced vocals. The B20 is designed for a wide range of gamers and is currently compatible with PC, PS4, Mac, and now PS5 with the latest firmware update.

Spec-wise, the microphone boasts studio broadcast quality (24bit 48kHz) while effortlessly reducing unwanted background noise for a lag-free recording. You’ll instantly fall in love with the B20’s four ranges of sound pickup (cardioid, stereo, bidirectional or omnidirectional) which are designed to capture every recording scenario from solo game streams, partner casting, team-play broadcasts and more.

Epos b20 functions

Image: EPOS


What we loved the most about the EPOS B20 were its functions and versatility. There are a plethora of physical controls that allow you to customise the recording sound to your liking, including volume, gain and mute buttons. You’ll find even more control in the software, which we’ll get to in a moment. There are built-in LED indicators to remind you when the mic is plugged in and or muted to avoid awkward gaming situations. Furthermore, the headphone jack allows streamers to voice monitor on the fly.

B20 lifestyle image 2

Image: EPOS


The B20 streaming mic utilises a USB-C to USB-A plug which makes the setup super simple for both aspiring content creators and seasoned streamers. We loved the ability to plug in and instantly sound ten times better than the computer microphone we were using before. And when we switched over to gaming the party chats and live stream sessions were elevated instantly to the joy of our friends.

For users seeking to further enhance the sound of the B20’s audio, we recommend downloading the EPOS Gaming Suite which allows you to access an array of customisation settings, including noise reduction adjustments, microphone equaliser, reverb controls and more. We loved the usability of the software where even a novice streamer like ourselves can navigate the adjustments and sound amazing.

Epos b20 conclusion

Image: EPOS


It’s safe to say, the B20 delivers uncompromised studio-quality recording with a simple to use plug-and-play connection packaged inside a sleek design. Currently, the EPOS B20 microphone is compatible with PC, PS4, Mac, and now PS5. The device is available now on the official EPOS website and from select retailers.

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