Explore Varied Similarity with Dieter Rams: The JF Chen Collection Auction Lot

On July 12th, Wright auction house is presenting Dieter Rams: The JF Chen Collection. This collection will feature over 130 works by the acclaimed designer and his partners. This sale encapsulates the most well-known Rams designs but shows a lighter side to his art as well, representing everything that he stands for in an incredibly diverse, yet holistically refined showcase.

jf chen collection auction alarm clock

When designing anything – and he designs a lot – Rams tries to follow ten guiding principles: design should be innovative, honest, useful, long-lasting, aesthetic, thorough, understandable, eco-friendly, unobtrusive, and as “little as possible.” These rules give him some semblance of the lines to color within and give all of his work a comfortable relatability.

jf chen collection auction projector

The JF Chen Collection encompasses a lot, but from lighters, to juicers, to alarm clocks, all the way to furniture and appliances. With the entirety of these lots looking like they below in a grade school in the 1960’s, Ram successfully acts out each of one his principles with every piece, no matter how small, of this eclectic and impressive collection.

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