Give Your AirPods the Midas Touch: 24k Gold Lux AirPods Classics

AirPods are an Apple product that ushered in a revolutionary piece of technology. They allow seamless communication between two audio devices that can play music in perfect cohesion, while delivering top-notch quality and sound, something that was not thought possible for as long as the portable music player scene had been developing.

24k gold lux airpods classic headphone open view

While the technology behind this product is very impressive, what truly makes them a fan favorite is their aesthetic. No longer do you need to have bulky headphones balanced on your head, or cords dangling below your chin. These small, but sexy AirPods get the job done, and look good doing it. The appeal has even triggered some artists and designers to customize them. Many AirPods have been given aesthetic makeovers since they have been brought to the market, but nothing quite like what Brikk has revealed to the scene.

24k gold lux airpods classic packet

Brikk is adding to the intrigue of these receivers and giving them the Midas touch, dropping them into two layers of pure 24k gold. Both Lux AirPods Classic pieces are machine coated, but the charging case is as well. After being plated, the lot is hand polished, assembled, and inspected in an advanced laboratory in Los Angeles California.

While not solid gold, the plating is 3.0 microns thick, meaning you won’t have to worry about chipping or denting. These AirPods are so study they don’t even need protective coating. If gold isn’t your style or your pockets aren’t flush with cash, you can check out the 18k pink gold version or the 950 platinum edition, both impressive in their own right, but pale in comparison to the Golden Lux AirPods.

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