Google Home Max Subtly Blows Your Socks Off

The Google Home Max smart speaker sends mixed messages. It comes with a whopping $400 price tag, but when you break it out of the box, its design is so nondescript that you might feel a little underwhelmed and even have a touch of buyer’s remorse. But don’t let that simple look discourage you. First, that simple design is perfect for the speaker to blend into the background. After all, what you want from a speaker is one that puts your music on center stage, not its looks.


google home max front

Speaking of music, Home Max uses machine learning to figure out the acoustics of your room and make the proper adjustments so that your music sounds its best. The speaker uses Smart Sound, an algorithm created by Google that causes the speakers to automatically tweak equalizer settings based on the layout of a room. Whether you’re in a large space, or a small one, Home Max will read the room and adjust. Additionally, you can wirelessly pair two speakers for stereo separation.

Home Max also uses far field speakers, which makes sense as the speaker doubles as a smart assistant. Using Google Assistant, Home Max responds to your verbal requests and can also be controlled using your iPhone or Android device or tablet by tapping the Cast button in your streaming device. In fact, Google Home works with more than 5,000 devices from over 400 brands.

The speakers may not look like much, but Google Home Max delivers what you’re looking for.

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