Grado Releases New PS2000e Headphones for the First Time in a Decade

Family-owned Brooklyn company Grado has been making headphones since the early 1950s. They produce outstanding, premium headphones that are crafted from the knowledge and skills that have been carried down through three generations.

The company’s flagstone headphones, the PS1000, have been nearly unequalled in quality in the hi-fi headphone market for more than a decade. Although the PS1000 are exceptionally high-quality headphones, they were due for an update.

grado ps2000e headphones perfected a driver design

Grado just came out with new flagship headphones, the PS2000e and they are turning out to be the best that the company has produced so far. Grado has been working on these headphones for more than two years. During that time, they perfected a driver design for the headphones that results in crisp, pure sound.

The open-backed headphones feature a hand-carved metal alloy and maple chamber. Maple has superior acoustic properties and helps reduce vibrations. The 5Hz-50kHz drivers sit inside the chamber, which results in a unique sonic signature. This design helps to eliminate distortions, resonance and ringing. This produces unobstructed detail when listening to music.

The rest of the components on these headphones are of the highest quality. From the magnets to the speaker chassis, everything is the finest grade available. Every part of the PS2000e headphones was crafted by hand in Grado’s Brooklyn lab. A wide leather head strap features additional padding, which helps promote longer listening sessions by making for a more comfortable listening experience. A mahogany case, which is sold separately, was specifically designed for these headphones.

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