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Hisense u5120g dolby atmos sound bar 1

Hisense’s Ultra-Affordable SoundBar Packs a Punch

Having created a stupendous lineup of TVs, Hisense is turning its attention to upgrading the audio range to match. That move is starting with the U5120G Dolby Atmos Sound Bar, which Hisense debuted at Open-Back vs. Closed-Back Headphones: Buyer’s Guide in Las Vegas. “Customers demand not only the best in visual quality, but the ability to match that with exceptional audio too,” says Nick Peters, the head of marketing for Hisense Australia. “The performance and demand for Hisense products continues to grow and the extension of our Sound Bar range reflects this by offering consumers an exceptional selection of options to suit every budget.”

Hisense u5120g dolby atmos sound bar front

Image: Hisense

The new 5.1.2 channel sound bar from Hisense features a pair of up-firing speakers that provide most of the Dolby Atmos overhead effects. The side-firing pair of speakers kick in to expand on the sound stage. Then there are the three front-firing speakers, which chip in to round out the sound. On top of all that, the system includes a standalone eight-inch subwoofer. Coming up later in the year, Hisense will also unveil a set of wireless rear speakers that you can add to the system.

Hisense u5120g dolby atmos sound bar speaker

Image: Hisense

“Australians are increasing seeking to enhance their at-home entertainment experience, so we are thrilled to be expanding our local Sound Bar offering here to continue delivering our customers the very best in audio. At Hisense, we pride ourselves on the innovation and quality that we build into our TV range—big and small—so when our customers are looking to create a cinema-like experience in their homes, audio should equally not be overlooked. Our premium range of Sound Bars ensure this critical element of the overall experience is never compromised,” says Peters. The U5120 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar is priced at $799, and you’ll be glad of every cent that you invest into it.

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