IKEA x Teenage Engineering FREKVENS Gets the Party Started

IKEA received the RED Dot Award for Product Design for its collaboration between IKEA designers and Teenage Engineering. The collection plays into the importance of music for young people, and consists of speakers, a light system, and a record player, all with Bluetooth technology. The thought behind the collection was the question of what does it take to get a party started? The FREKVENS collection is the result, and it meets its purpose of bringing people together with everything you need to have a party at your fingertips.

ikea x teenage engineering frekvens different parts

The FREKVENS collection will be displayed in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany. In an awards ceremony in July 2018, IKEA will receive the Red Dot Award for Product Design. The Red Dot Award is one of the world’s largest international product competitions. More than 17,000 applicants enter the competition each year. The competition itself was founded in 1955. This past year had submissions from 59 countries, making competition for the prize that much more difficult.

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ikea x teenage engineering electronic choir and lighting

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