Ikea’s First Speaker ENEBY Easily Transports Tunes

Ikea’s first speaker, the ENEBY, is a small, easily moveable speaker that fits in with your décor. The speaker measures only 30cm wide by 11cm deep by 30cm high and is available in either black or white. If you’re already using other Ikea products in your home, the speakers fit perfectly in the KALLAX shelving unit. You can also mount the speaker to a wall or stand it separately with the ENEBY speaker stand. The knob controls on and off as well as the volume and intuitive adjustment of bass and treble. The bass port of the back of the speaker also doubles as the handle. Finally, if you prefer the look, the mesh front can be removed to expose the speaker’s inner workings.

Ikeas first speaker eneby in the shelves

Perhaps the best feature of the speaker is its Bluetooth capability. You can connect up to eight different devices to the ENEBY speaker, including your phone, computer, tablet, or any other Bluetooth enabled device. You can also connect the speaker to devices without Bluetooth by using a 3.5mm AUX cable.

Ikeas first speaker eneby attached wall

The speaker also has an auto-off function to help conserve energy when not in use. In standby, the speaker consumes less than 0.5 watts.

Ikea’s modular design and easy assembly has grown in popularity, and their first jaunt into speakers fits right into that mold. Whether you’re an Ikea fan or not, this speaker still has a place in your home audio system.

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