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JBL’s New Tour PRO 2 Earbuds Come With a ‘World-First’ Smart Charging Touchscreen Case

JBL, that purveyor of premium audio and the maker of our current go-to workout earbuds, is expanding its Tour range by introducing a new set of buds with the curious addition of a touchscreen embedded in the case. That’s right, alongside features like adaptive noise cancelling and Bluetooth 5.3 LTE compatibility, the JBL Tour PRO 2 wireless earbuds feature a 1.45-inch LED touchscreen control panel that’s designed to take some of the workload off your phone, enabling you to control your music, adjust your buds, receive calls, messages and social media notifications without touching your phone.

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Image: JBL

Quite how any of this is more convenient than just using ye olde smartphone remains unclear, but we have to take our hat off to JBL for its dedication to pushing the envelope. The Tour PRO 2 buds will also come with 10mm drivers – an impressive step up from the 6.8mm offering featured on the Tour PRO Plus – along with a total of 40 hours of music playback, with 10 hours contained in the fully charged buds and a further 30 contained in the case.

When it comes to optimising the effectiveness of noise cancelling, a good fit is essential, so as you’d expect, JBL’s latest buds come with multiple ear tip sizes to ensure comfort and a perfect seal. Plus, the option to turn on ambient sound will help you to avoid losing track of your surroundings – noise cancelling is great and all, but there’s some things you still want to hear, like an oncoming truck.

The JBL Tour PRO 2 earbuds will be available in black and champagne finishes from January 2023. While Australian pricing is yet to be announced, JBL claims the buds will be going for €249, so we’re guessing they’ll probably be in the ballpark of around AUD$400. If you can’t wait until January, check out the rest of JBL’s wireless earbud range via the link below.

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Image: JBL