KEF’s Fasionable LSX Loudspeakers for Fashionable People

KEF has launched back on our radar thanks to the release of its new LSX wireless speakers. The British loudspeaker brand says LSX can deliver an intense, rich, and multi-dimensional soundstage experience.

LSX is an all-in-one wireless speaker system. It’s small enough to sit on shelves, desktops or flank a TV, offering a massive and deep sound beyond its size.

The gently curved cabinets come in a choice of five colours – black, blue, maroon, white and olive and they are finished with premium fabrics except the white which has a UV lacquered finish. KEF has partnered with innovative leaders Kvadrat for the best textile design to ensure the new speakers look incredible. The Danish firm is known for their luxury fabrics, and the new range oozes class and style.

kef lsx wireless speaker blue

The olive LSX is a Michael Young Signature version. This speaker is marked with the award-winning designer’s signature on the front and will make a bold statement in any living space.

KEF LSX speakers have Spotify Connect built-in. Tidal is also supported, and Apple AirPlay 2 support arrives in January 2019. There’s no need to worry about losing a physical remote as the KEF Wireless App controls these new speakers. Not only can you control the tracks played and volume but also control the three levels of EQ adjustment.

With all the convenience of the connected world, and the emotion and detail of true high-resolution stereo, the KEF LSX two-speaker wireless music system is ready to impress both visually and musically.

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kef lsx wireless speaker red

kef lsx wireless speaker green

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