Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones Bring Warmth to Any Sound

The Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones feature a pair of 52mm biodynamic drivers that boast more than one tesla of magnetic flux density—all of which means that these headphones deliver sound with less distortion and superior dynamic range. The biodynamic drivers are composed of biocellulose and inorganic fiber and are capable of impressive balance levels and control throughout the full frequency spectrum. The HP-3 Headphones are back vented, which allows for more powerful and smoother sound delivery. That venting helps to meld ambient noise into what you are listening to, cutting down on distraction. The bottom line is that the Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones were engineered to create high efficiency, low distortion sound that reveals every detail of a recording, including all of the bass.

klipsch heritage hp3 headphones side view

But it’s the looks of the headphones that deliver the warmth. The ear cups are made of solid wood. The ear pads are of angled sheepskin, while the headband is of hand-stitched cowhide. Over time, the leather and wood will begin to show the use you put into these headphones, creating something that is both uniquely you and warm and inviting. Additionally, the headphones are hand assembled, with visible copper nuts and bolts. It’s no wonder that the headphones come with a custom solid-steel rod headphone stand as well as detachable nylon cables. These headphones are not only something you’ll enjoy listening too, they’re also something you’ll enjoy having on display.

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klipsch heritage hp3 headphones backside

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